Ateneu Minerva

Fundación Eugen Bleuler dates back its origins to 1977. Its act of incorporation, included in its Foundational Charters, states it is “a cultural association of recreational nature, devoted to Arts, Leisure and Culture in its widest possible sense”. Interests, all these, that besides being honest, reflected the difficulties of a time in which, when undergoing its legalization, associations such as ours, in need of a legal framework to operate without raising the authorities alarm on its main activity, deliberately chose an ambiguous, equivocal heading. Our association’s interest, as much now as it was then, is to provide all those citizens concerned with the search of Truth, Ethics and Solidarity with a working space and facilities.

Fundación Eugen Bleuler shelters in this moment twelve aconfessional, progressive, philosophical and philantropic organizations and works as a platform for all kinds of events cultural, informative and solidary acts, as well as recreational to the human spirit.

Only the wise man looks for wisdom.

The Board

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